Your advantages

Those who come to work by bike are often on time, arrive nice and fit and with a fresh head. Regular cyclists are healthier and therefore display lower absenteeism. But there is more than that.

You are an employee

More time to enjoy

Cycling to work means saving time. In an urban environment, the bicycle is often faster than the car, and you know in advance how long you will be traveling. Moving is fun, and gives you a good feeling. So more time to enjoy.

Healthier by cycling to work

Cycling is good for your health. Scientific research has shown that regular cycling promotes life expectancy and reduces the number of days of illness. You are also demonstrably slimmer. By cycling to work from time to time, sport is no longer a necessity to stay fit.

Flexible pay

As an employee, you can choose to spend part of your gross salary or mobility budget on a company bicycle. This means that you give in gross salary to pay for the bicycle, which gives you a 30 to 40% advantage over a personal purchase. If your employer gives you a company bicycle, it is not a taxable benefit, even if you also use that bicycle for private purposes. All this remains valid if you already had a company car.

Bike allowance

An employer may give a bicycle premium up to € 0,27 per km, free of taxes. That quickly adds up. If you cycle a lot to work, you can collect a nice bonus.

Comfort and security

A company bicycle is well maintained. This guarantees a nice, reliable and safe ride. Everything is well organized, just as we are used to from company cars. Ideally, you can choose a model that completely matches your usage profile; an ordinary bicycle for short commuting distances, an electric bicycle for those who live further from work, and a folding bicycle for those who combine different modes of transport. A company bicycle is generally “all risk” insured and covered by a 24h / 7d assistance. So you can ride in full confidence.

You are employer


Those who come to work by bicycle are more often on time, and also arrive nice and fit and with a fresh head. Regular cyclists are healthier and exhibit lower absenteeism, according to a study by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific research (TNO). In the popular scientific program “Ook getest op mensen” it was visibly proven that the ability to concentrate increases after some exercise.

Accessibility of your company, cost of parking space

The accessibility of your company improves if more employees occasionally trade in the car for a bicycle. Every employee who cycles contributes to fewer traffic jams on the way to your company and more free parking places on your site. A normal parking space costs around € 18.000. If a bicycle plan allows you to avoid an new expansion of your parking space, you have made a huge saving.

Image of your company

Employees that use a bicycle are good for the image of your company. They represent a tangible symbol of your attention to sociably responsible entrepeneurship. A decrease in parking and traffic pressure in the surroundings of your company are a immediate benefit

Retention and recruitment, your unique advantage

You want to attract the best emplyees and keep your excellent employees loyal to your company. No other extra benefit offers the same gross / net advantages as a company bicycle. And for the time being, you can still really distinguish yourself with a company bicycle plan. This makes the company bicycle the ideal means to stay ahead of the competition in terms of personnel policy.

Fiscally favorable

In fact there are enough reasons to consider company bicycles. But the government offers a bonus: company bicycles and all extras are 100% tax deductable. This can be cumulated with a bicycle allowance and a company car. For the employee the company bike is not a taxable advantage. And for all commuter traffic with the company bicycle no social security contributions is payable.

Positive profit contribution

The costs of a bicycle plan are usually more than compensated by the benefits.

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