Bicycle leasing

Bicycle leasing

Imagine your company being able to offer to your employees a bicycle of their choice in a cost-neutral way.

Depending on the preference of the employer, a company bicycle can be given on top of the salary or in the form of a cost-neutral salary exchange (under certain conditions). This means that the employee must hand in gross salary to pay for the bicycle. Compared to a personal purchase, independent of work, this is 25 to 35% cheaper.

B2Bike is the go-to company for bicycle leasing and purchase for companies.

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One-stop shopping, transparent budgeting

B2Bike is your access to a national network of independent, local bike stores. You can count on a wide range of beautiful bikes with local service. In addition, we also bundle maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance, bicycle parking, etc. into one handy package, if required. This way your company can fully concentrate on its core activities. The bicycles can be offered in bicycle purchase or in bicycle leasing, whereby we can work through your (car) leasing partner. In any case, you get certainty and an easily manageable budget.

Maintenance contract

A well-maintained bicycle guarantees a pleasant cycling experience. With a maintenance contract, your company bicycles remain in top condition, making them comfortable to ride and safe. The maintenance is carried out by skilled bicycle technicians at a bicycle shop in your area. With the B2Bike Service Pass, the user can “pay” for maintenance without having to pay for it. You can check the remaining maintenance credit here.


The bicycles are insured against the risk of damage and theft. Of course we ask you to always lock the bike properly, and unless stated otherwise, an ART2 approved lock is already included in our rates. In the event of a partial damage, for example a fall or a failed theft, the bicycle will be repaired, whereby only a small exemption remains payable.

Road Side Assistance

Even with a well-maintained bike bad luck can strike. To ensure that you have no worries, we offer a roadside assistance service. A call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A roadside assistance truck picks you and your bike up and takes you to your starting point or destination. Or straight to the bicycle shop of course.


Perhaps you have questions about your cycle plan: organizational, fiscal, technical,… There is a real chance that we have the answer ready because we have already encountered this question in previous projects.

At B2Bike we have already done the search for and the summarizing of the regulations. You may wish to submit a subsidy file or draw up a mobility plan. B2Bike can help you with, among other things, distance home-to-work analysis, questioning your staff about current mobility behavior, …

With a few efficient analysis tools we give you a quick overview of the distances (via bicycle route) and the travel behavior of your employees. This helps to estimate the budget at an early stage and to quantify both the baseline situation and your objectives. Safety is often a recurring concern. A safe cycle route is crucial here. We map it out for every employee.


More bicycles in your company sometimes also bring challenges for your infrastructure. How can you prevent a shortage of bicycle places? Husly takes care of your innovative bicycle infrastructure.